SOHR Foods creates a more diverse organic food system by releasing convenient and healthy food and beverage products. Our thesis is that consumer brands are the most effective tool to enable an increase in organic agriculture and plant-based diets.
Our goal is to create brands that have the potential for national market adoption. By taking risks and seeking rapid market placement, we can make sustainable food systems by creating branded food products.
Today, we our three brands serve one shared mission:
  • Hazel People Hazel Nutmilk, where we work on the environmental and community sustainability of the hazelnut industry by making the world’s finest plant-based milk.
  • Real Live Food Oregon, where we work on organic produce by providing hand-crafted, high quality, plant-based foods.
  • Oregon Organic Hazelnut Cooperative, where we work on organic hazelnut production by enabling relationships between growers, processors, and buyers.