SOHR Foods creates a more diverse organic food system by releasing convenient and healthy food and beverage products. Our passion, and our thesis, is that organic agriculture and plant-based foods make for a sustainable future.
Our goal is to create brands that have the potential for national market adoption. By taking risks and seeking rapid market placement, we can make food products that create sustainable food systems.
Today, we have one shared mission guiding three big brands:
  • Hazel People Hazel Nutmilk, where we create the world’s finest Hazel Nutmilk while empowering troubled youths to become the next generation of farmers. 
  • Real Live Food Oregon, where we nourish mind, body & spirit by providing hand-crafted, high quality, nutritious foods.
  • Oregon Organic Hazelnut Cooperative, where we cooperate with growers and processors to create an equitable and healthy organic hazelnut industry. 
We’d love to keep in touch! It would be amazing to find a way to work with you through the SOHR vision. This list is for a monthly newsletter written by our CEO, alongside special features and promotions from the brands that we create.

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